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The intern will be assigned clients of varying age, education, developmental stage, and cultural background. The intern’s caseload is slowly built up over the course of the internship. An intern is allowed only 20 hours of direct client contact per week, while the other 20 hours per week will be set aside for professional development, supervision, paperwork, and other responsibilities. Interns are required to complete a total of 2000 hours by the end of their training year, consisting of 500 face to face client contact hours. A minimum of 40 hours a week is expected. SARHC will provide office space, support staff, and equipment necessary for the supervisee to be successful.


The training program has a total of one full-time licensed psychologist and two contract supervisory psychologists, including the Director of Clinical Training at the main clinic in El Dorado. They are clearly responsible for the integrity and quality of the training program.


There are two satellite clinics located in smaller towns, each 30 miles away. Interns will be responsible for traveling one day out of the week to either satellite clinic and provide services. During this time, supervisors are available for interns to call or email at the main clinic if immediate supervision is required. Interns review/discuss all cases and training concerns/needs from their assigned satellite clinic during their individual and group supervision.




Training opportunities include:


  • Outpatient Care: Individual, group, couples, and family therapy
  • Day treatment services for adults
  • Crisis Interventions: During business hours (Interns are not required to be on call.)
  • Psychological Assessment/Forensic Evaluations
  • School-based services
  • Weekly interdisciplinary staffing and consultation
  • Case conferences
  • Shadowing SARHC professionals available
  • Didactic Trainings, i.e., Hospital assessment, suicidal and homicidal assessment, crisis intervention, practice and models of supervision, program evaluation, diversity awareness, and case c­­onceptualization
  • Supervision of case managers and therapists
  • Program evaluation
  • Outreach and consultation
  • Participation in the Diversity Committee




  • Ethical, professional, and culturally sensitive treatment
  • Completion of 2000 hours (500 direct contact hours) of supervised clinical training, providing empirically supported diagnostic and therapeutic interventions
  • Two hours per week in regularly scheduled, formal, face-to-face individual supervision with the primary supervisor, with another hour of supervision from contracted psychologists.
  • Monthly forensic supervision of 8 to 16 hours with a licensed forensic psychologist
  • Two hours of regularly scheduled weekly group supervision
  • An average of two hours per week in learning activities such as case conferences or professional seminars dealing with clinical issues
  • Participation in weekly University of Arkansas Medical School Psychiatric Grand Rounds (Teleconferences) or other scheduled Didactic Seminars
  • Charting of client interactions according to agency and supervision standards
  • Monthly chart reviews
  • Maintain an individual therapy caseload drawn from the typical range of agency clients of varying sociocultural features
  • Complete three month rotations in three distinct areas of service offered by SARHC
  • Complete a fourth, three month rotation of the intern’s choice, interest, or specialty

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